I translate your text into sign language

And I do so extremely efficiently and cost-effectively. You can use me in many ways. Embedded in videos or as a separate clip for instance for websites where my translation integrates perfectly - barriere-fee information for your deaf customers, an eye-catcher for hearing people.

This is how you can use me

I can explain your world

I translate a wide range of content for you - whether it's a website, film, TV-programme, museum tour, medication package insert, traffic news or citizen information. Once your text changes, I can update the translation quickly and cost-effectively.

This is how you can use me

I always look the way you want me to

I adapt my looks and clothes to the corporate identity of your company: I can be the stewardess who gives safety instructions. The bank consultant who answers frequently asked questions. Or the train attendant who announces disruption notifications.

How SiMAX works

Why am I so efficient and cost-effective?

Unlike the traditional way of producing sign language translations, I don't need a film studio or sophisticated video technology. With my learning data base in the background and sign language professionals at my side, I translate your content into 3d-animated sign language.

How SiMAX works


Here you can find more information about me!

How SiMAX worksThis is how you can use meContact

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SiMAX is a software for translation into 3d animated sign language. A learning database in the background and sign language professionals provide a high-quality translation rendered by a digital avatar.

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