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EU flag. This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grantagreement No 825627

Sign Time’s new LookApp technology helps deaf people to read texts.
Deaf people have a difficult access to texts, about 75% of deaf people are functionally illiterate. The ideal form of accessibility for deaf people would be the complete translation of texts into sign language. However, this is  not always possible due to limited resources and budgets.
The LookApp technology is an intermediate solution and serves the goal of making texts easier to understand for deaf people.
LookApp links texts to a sign language dictionary. Deaf persons receive explanation or description of the term in sign language. By mouseover or clicking on the term
a window opens and a sign language video is played. Often the explanation of a word/term in sign language is enough to make a whole sentence understandable.
LookApp accesses lexicons in German sign language, which are constantly being expanded. Thus, more and more terms and phrases can be explained in German sign language.
LookApp is thus a perfect complement to existing offers for the translation of texts into sign language.

Benefits for  deaf persons:
Deaf persons have better access to information that is not translated due to time or resource constraints.
Even if this reading aid does not offer the convenience of a full translation into sign language, it is a significant aid to understanding the text.


You can try out our demo page »here« or read up on additional functions »here«.


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» Additional functions

» Free Text Explanations in German Sign Language (DGS)

» Free Text Explanations in Austrian Sign Language (ÖGS)

This short video explains it all:

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