SiMAX makes your website accessible for the deaf. SiMAX translates information about products and services and guides you through online shops in sign language. The sign language translation is integrated into the website as a video and SiMAX can also be easily inserted into existing videos.

Film, TV

SiMAX can also translate extensive TV content – e.g. feature films or documentaries – quickly and cost-effectively into sign language. SiMAX adapts its physical appearance to that of the actor – this way deaf viewers always know what each protagonist is saying. This allows them to follow the content even better and enjoy the film experience. Deaf children are not yet able to read subtitles – for them, too, sign language translations remove barriers and create equality. Because children’s programmes do not only entertain, but also convey knowledge to children.

Citizen information

SiMAX makes important information for citizens accessible in sign language – for example “How can I vote for an election?”, “How can I apply for a passport?”, “How do I register my child for kindergarten?” – already implemented in the electoral information of the City of Vienna (2016)

Medication package inserts

SiMAX makes the potentially vital information in package inserts available to deaf patients. Instruction leaflets are written in a very standardised language – SiMAX translates them quickly and cost-effectively with its learning database. Furthermore, package inserts have to be updated regularly – these changes in the translation are quickly carried out with SiMAX.

Traffic announcements

Public transport announcements are highly standardised – in each city or region there is only a limited number of stations, vehicles and possible disruptions. Therefore, SiMAX translates disruptions announcements almost in real time and automatically into sign language. The disruption announcements are transmitted as video via app directly to the smartphones of the deaf passengers.

Museum tours

Guided tours in sign language can be offered in different ways: for example, as sign language videos on multimedia guides. Or the guided tour is available for download via app. This way visitors can download the guided tour in sign language to their smartphones in advance. With SiMAX, even extensive exhibitions can be translated cost-effectively. And if the exhibition is extended at a later date, these changes can be implemented quickly.


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